Bright and shiny

Goodbye Redrum!

Goodbye Redrum!

I am pleased to announce my departure from the REduRuM that I once called my office. Hurrah for me! No, I am not leaving my job but rather participated in a fairly large, inter-office switcheroo today. I am over.the.moon about it.

Before I had about a large, walk-in-closet space and would have to crawl/shimmy/awkwardly decide front or back when passing over my clients to retrieve papers from the printer during enrollments. I would constantly bang into the two drawer filing cabinet behind my chair because it stuck out an average amount and I had a not-meant-for-my-desk-hutch that took up more than its fair share of my work area. Not to mention that I shared my little RedRuM with interns as needed. And clients were constantly waiting for their appointments by just sitting in my office or peering into my door over my side shoulder as I tried to work. Not ideal.

This move is great. Great for us all. The women who moved back into our old office space now have room for the new supervisor they’re hiring by taking the two main offices open and the traveling, once-a-week supervisor will re-home in the RedRuM. (And truthfully, it is a small space but if we wouldn’t have moved and I would’ve stayed, I would’ve just dealt with it because I like my job.)

Goodbye inconvenient and insufficient work space!

Goodbye inconvenient and insufficient work space!

Bright and shiny! And very messy...

Bright and shiny! And very messy…

Which brings me to my new, bright and shiny office! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! I may be teensy bit excited. 

I know it looks disastrous at the moment but my space has nearly tripled by this switch and now I have great space for paperwork and computer work (105+ application questionnaires may be the death of me) AND I have adequate space for clients to sit comfortably and work on applications, etc; AND I have comfortable space for an intern! AND, if that’s not good enough, I’ve got space to store kid supplies for little clients that aren’t in school yet. Needless to say because I’ve all but bashed your brains in about it, I’m excited. And happy. And excited.

Now it only they could get my NEW (didn’t I mention I also get a new, full-functioning) computer and phone line hooked up, we’d be golden…


Calling all Instagram users

I’m sure most of you have heard the buzz about Instagram’s new terms of service. I’ve been reading and looking to find some answers but I’m still on the fence as to what I will do with my account.

I confess, I am a bit addicted. I like being able to take pictures and make them “arty.” I’m delusional I find it to be a fun and entertaining way to keep in touch with some family and friends that are far away. I prefer it over Twitter indefinitely and indulge my voyeuristic side looking at other moms’ crafts, baking/cooking, and interior decorating. I mean, for pete’s sake, my avatar is an Instagram photo!

However I am NOT comfortable with all the creepers and weirdos, all the sickos and perverts and whoever that role play “adoption” games on Insta. These people steal photos of naive unsuspecting parents that don’t have private accounts and use them in “cyber orphanages” where a virtual baby broker sets up adoptions with role-playing parents. I’m sure some of these people are kids who don’t know better or whose parents don’t know what they’re doing, but nonetheless  it’s freaking creepy. Because of this kind of stuff, I made my account private. I’m absolutely fine with not having a million + followers. I like having the ability to pick and choose who does and does not have access to my photo updates. I like being able to do an “insta background check” on potential “followers.”

These new terms of service? I don’t know know. They’re so vague and so unexplained by Facebook/Instagram that I’m wary of their capabilities. I’ve been poking around, reading articles, the following are just a few that I’ve read through but none of them explicitly contains a thorough statement/explanation from the company/parent company’s stance.

  1. What Instagram’s new terms of service mean for you
  2. How your Instagram photo might end up in an ad
  3. Should you be concerned about Instagram’s new privacy policy?
  4. Instagram’s new terms of service
  5. Instagram says it now has the right to sell your photos
  6. Everyone’s freaking out over Instagram turning users’ photos into ads (even though most grams are already ads)

For that reason, I’ve decided to delete my account until further notice. If it all turns out to be a hoax, so be it. I’d rather be an over-protective, slightly-neurotic, den mother than see mine and my family’s privacy dissolve for the sake of greed and consumerism. Besides, I could always reopen an account later.

If you use Instagram, what are you going to do?

Update: After some dialouge on facebook this morning, I was sent this link: No, Instagram can’t see your photos: what the new terms of service really mean It does clear up some vague information but it still does not address how private account users’ photos will be treated with the new terms of service. Will IG still use my photos so that people I have not approved can access them? 

I’m thankful for…

Day 6: I’m thankful for technology. To be truthful, not always, but generally I am thankful for technology and that it allows me to know what’s going on in the world with real time updates (BBC 2012 Election coverage anyone?).

Day 7: I’m thankful for my morning cup of coffee (okay, coffee in general). I’m not sure if it’s a physical need but more of a routine, an emotional need to get my day started off on the right foot. No matter how scream-y, whiny, or angelic my family is in the morning, if I can just get that one cup going it makes everything so much better. And really, a cup in the morning with some toast or at work with some co-workers, a cup in the afternoon to stave the post-lunch slump, or a cup in the evening with good company…I am very thankful for coffee.