Halloween past

The Dachtler house is a buzz with anticipation for Wednesday and the candy coma that inevitably follows suit. I think the girls’ costumes are pretty awesome this year (and I am yet again reminded that I must learn how to use a sewing machine), but until the “big reveal” I will tide you over with cuteness from years’ past:

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3 Months,13 Weeks Ada Update

Wednesday Ada turned three months old and yesterday she turned 13 weeks…we think it’s weird how the charting of her age goes (that silly Gregorian calendar). She’s growing and changing quickly, it seems like every time we turn around she’s doing something new. Her last WIC appointment, she weighed in at a hefty 14 pounds even and she’s begun to grab and grasp dangling toys of various sizes and jingling abilities. Unfortunately she’s decided that she no longer cares for tummy time, regardless of whether or not it’s good for her. (And she’s started perfecting her pouty face already…I think we might be in trouble…)