Weekend with the cousins

This post isn’t completely about the cousins, I have to admit. This weekend was…full. Truthfully, I’m not sure what other word would best describe it. Maybe I’ll just explain in pictures, I think images are often the best descriptors when words fail anyhow.

Ada and Nellie were reunited with their cousin-BFFs, Lael and Lucy.

@ Grandma Sheila's house.

@ Grandma Sheila’s house.

My Grandma Sue was welcomed into the arms of God on Saturday.

Grandma Sue, the way I remember her as a child, at the lake cabin.

Grandma Sue, the way I remember her as a child, at the lake cabin.

Nellie contracted another round of pink eye and was kind enough to share with Dylan again. We’re still on the fence as to when/if Ada or I am going to get it.

Waiting at the ER for pink eye drugs on Sunday morning.

Waiting at the ER for pink eye drugs on Sunday morning.

I labeled and packed up Ada’s suitcase for her big Florida weekend adventure with Grandpa Pete. (And yes, you did read that right. The Florida trip has been postponed due to recent events and will regain excitement steam this spring when Mom speaks again in March.) There’s just a couple of other things I’ll have to throw in last minute tonight to send with.

Packing for Mayo, again.

Packing for Mayo, again.

And I packed suitcases for the rest of us for our week-long trek to Rochester/Twin Cities.

There is a prayer service on Friday and then the funeral will be on Saturday. I was asked to sing–weddings and funerals. Times for family to come together and celebrate but utilizing different emotions. Meh.

Prayers, I’m sure, would be appreciated.


Happy birthday Nellie So!

Mommy and Nellie’s first picture.

Happy 2nd birthday to my beautiful Nellie So! Mommy and Daddy love you so, so, SO much!

You continue to inspire and delight us in ways that we never imagined. I remember two years ago, wondering if I could love another person as much as I love your Daddy and sister. But I did and I still do now, it’s amazing how God created our hearts to expand exponentially. It’s a gift that I hope you grow to understand and cherish as a mother someday (wait, that would make me a grandmother–I’ll slow it down now).

I remember that day so well, it was such a calm feeling, knowing that everything was under control and in mere hours you would be in my arms. It’s such a bittersweet memory, knowing that I can never revisit that time again, but that I have millions of more moments ahead with you.

Ada and Nellie meet for the first time.

You’ve developed such a little personality this year and it continues to keep us (and your sister) on our toes. I love that you’re such a little monster (in the fondest way of course) and your little growl. Your imagination is astounding and I am so happy that you are able to play right along with your sister now in your own imaginary world.

Daddy and Nellie

You’ve also got Daddy wrapped around your little finger. The way that you shriek with glee when he comes in the door warms my heart and I hope that you always consider yourself “Daddy’s little girl.” In fact, I don’t even mind that you ask for Daddy when I pick you up at daycare and bring you home. I’m just happy that you have such an upstanding man to look up to and learn what kind of person you deserve if one day you choose to get married. You Daddy loves you so much sweet one.

You are such a trooper, demanding and diligent as you are, you go with the flow consistently and are generally enthralled with new experiences. As we near our Mayo Clinic visit, I cling to the promise that Christ gave us when He called us to

“Cast all [our] anxiety upon Him, because He cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7

and know that no matter what happens, you will always be loved. You are a loved little one my dear, and you will be blanketed with prayers during our visit. Whether or not you understand what’s going on medically with you, all we want you to know is that you are loved from the top of your outrageous behaving hair to your cute, little blue butt.

I love your gusto for life and learning. Already you are singing your ABCs and counting along with your sister. It’s such a blessing for us to see you grow and I look forward to another, and another, and another after that.

Happy 2nd birthday my beautiful baby!

Going home

My growing, Nellie girl

Miss Nellie had her two-year checkup on Monday this week. Dr. King looked her up and over and declared that everything looks and seems healthy. She’s still got the heart murmur we learned about last year but said she’s not really concerned since we saw a specialist in Fargo and he said it’d go away. Dylan had the same type when he was younger and it no longer exists, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. AND lucky for us she was up-to-date on all her shots (including the flu) so we had a shot free visit…but we still had to get a finger prick to test her blood lead level.

We’ve set up an appointment at Mayo Clinic to checkout the swelling of her hemangioma. It hasn’t changed much, if at all, since we first went in again in October, but figure it might be enough to be impeding on the upper part of her vision. Better safe than sorry, right? I’m sure I’ll write more on that later, so we’ll leave it be for now, just if you think about it, please send up a prayer for us next week.

The hospital used to give out these cute little “See how I’m growing” stickers with the child’s info written on them, this time around I got a print out, along with other “helpful” tips on her developmental stage. Not quite as cute for her journal. She is growing though, albeit slowly. My peanut is 2’9″ (30%) and 25 lb 9.6 oz (37%), she’s still wearing some 12-24 mo. shirts but now has pretty much upgraded to 2T. Which reminds me that I’ve got to go through her closet and put away all the clothes that are too small.

An Instagram: Playing dress up with Daddy’s hat.

This Friday is her official birthday. She’ll be TWO. Has it really been TWO years? She’s still my “baby,” but she’s becoming more and more vocal about how much of a “baby” she sees herself as. Which, of course, kicks off baby fever for this mama, but rest assured that these ovaries are for now under control.

I’m thankful for…

Day 8: I’m thankful for modern medicine. I know there’s been a lot of talk of what this vaccine does or doesn’t do or what this flu shot does or doesn’t do or if I should eat burnt cheese or stand next to a microwave or use a cell phone… phew Makes me tired thinking about it. BUT I am increasingly and definitely thankful for it being readily available to me and my family. In fact, I’m pretty sure that we would’ve had some pretty tragic consequences without it for my sweet, little family as Ada had extreme asthma (another thanksgiving is that she’s continually grown out of it now that it’s being managed properly), Nellie had a large hemangioma on her eye and both girls were born via c-section. Our current “battle” is pink eye that Ada was so gracious to bring home and share with her sister (cross your fingers that Dylan or I don’t get it). Thus, I am thankful, thankful, thankful for modern medicine and it’s increasing advances at improving the quality of life my daughters and my family can live.