Revisiting Childhood

I was looking through old photos on our computer, trying to wrap my head around the fact that Ada is going to be five next week and came across a folder full of pictures that she took last summer. Some of them are blurry, over-saturated, movement filled snippets and others are amazingly accurate and clear.

As a parent it’s hard to remember to think about what our kids’ point of view is. Sometimes I forget entirely (<–mother of the year award here!) and find myself grumbling over the next bit of spilt milk here and forget to pay attention to the extraordinary imaginations that my kids are emitting. Carelessly, yes, but at least enthusiastically enjoying themselves and thus being the cause of the spilled milk. I truly couldn’t be more blessed that such a root cause exists. *grumble*grumble*

Anyway, I wanted to share some of these pictures with you. I think it’s interesting (probably only because I’m her mom) to think about what she actually sees and how she sees it throughout her day. Do we really look that blurry? Do we speak in wah-wah tones like all the adults in Peanuts cartoons? Who knows.


Monday Meal Plan (on Tuesday)

I’m not sure how I fell behind since I only seem to blog on my “gimmicky” days lately. I feel stuck in a rut when it comes to blogging lately and everything other than pictures or food seems to be mundane. I’m hoping that our Belize post later this week for Eat the World helps to lessen that fog but I’m not honestly all that confident. So…we’ll see.

Dylan’s home this week so I get to play with a few more “daring” recipes than if it was just me and the girls (since they generally won’t be convinced to eat it by just myself). Ada’s been chomping at the bit to “eat a country” since we re-booted last week with ETW, so that makes me happy. I’m hoping it’ll pull her out of this everything-is-icky phase we seemed to have begun.

Has anyone else had that issue when their kid(s) started daycare/school? Ada used to eat anything and everything we put in front of her, albeit not peas, but pretty much everything and now that she’s eating lunch at school turns her nose up at things she used to love. I know this is a developmental stage too but it’s driving me near bonkers. Especially when I’m really trying to plan out meals and provide a variety of foods for them to taste. She already has to eat what’s on her plate, we offer a small amount of anything new or things we know she doesn’t necessarily like just so she can keep trying it. Do you have any other tips or tricks to help with this? 

OH, and on an AWESOME note, one of my BFFs (seriously, I still use that term) is coming to visit me in early August!! She is flying into Fargo with her husband and going to spend FIVE days with us. I am over the moon!! Hopefully the weather will be beautiful and we’ll spend time at the lake and just putzing around town together. This summer is gearing up to be epic!!

Bert and the girls on the beach a year and a half ago...too long ago.

Bert and the girls on the beach a year and a half ago…too long ago.

Me and Bert. She loves me for me, can't you tell?

Me and Bert. She loves me for me, can’t you tell?

Bert & The Hubs with her Goddaughter.

Bert & The Hubs with her Goddaughter.

Monday Meal Plan : 1.14-1.20

1.14 Monday

Dinner: Leftovers

1.15 Tuesday

Breakfast: Homemade granola bars

Dinner: Salmon w/crispy edamame and lemon souffle pudding cake (Ada’s been dying for a dessert lately)

1.16 Wednesday  

Breakfast: Granola w/yogurt & honey

Dinner: Fully loaded baked potato soup w/crisped sausage


I made a sourdough starter last weekend and I’m hoping to try baking with it this night. We’ll see how it goes. It is still nameless which I hope to correct shortly as I want to hand it down to my girls someday (yeah, I’m cheesy like that). 

1.17 Thursday 

Breakfast: Cereal w/fruit & milk
Dinner: Eat the World: BENIN


Apple cinnamon scones from King Arthur’s recipe files. These can be made ahead and popped into the oven for a fresh brekkie…I’m in. 

1.18 Friday 

Breakfast: Apple cinnamon scones

Tea Time: Ada will be at Terry’s…

Dinner: Dachtler Pizza Night!


Peanut butter cup popcorn. The girls missed their Daddy mucho this past week while he was working, so I think, barring anything pressing that may come up, we’ll have a movie night. Shut ourselves in with some Red Box/Netflix, good pizza and popcorn, and just veg out together. My favorite kind of family time. 😉 

1.119 Saturday

Breakfast: Pumpkin cranberry waffles w/Cool Whip. Cool Whip? Yes. Cool Whip. 

Lunch: Beer cheese macaroni. I’ve been wanting to try this for quite some time…here’s to hoping it’s delicious!

Tea Time: Assam w/milk & sugar and fruit snacks

Dinner: Spiced black bean, avocado & goat cheese tacos

1.20 Sunday 

Breakfast: Granola & almond milk/leftover scones

Lunch, Tea & Dinner: @ Terry & Sheila’s for Sunday, although if we come home for dinner I’ll make caramelized mushrooms & dumplings. I saw this recipe and my mouth instantly started watering. 

I’m thankful for…

Day 20: I’m thankful for my nieces. I’m so excited to see them for Thanksgiving! (Now if my kids would only get over this flu bug so we can all have fun together…)

Cousins circa Summer 2012, an oldie but a goody. 

CSA 2012 & "Wednesday" Meal Planning

I am SUPER excited about our first delivery next week from Red Goose Gardens. We joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) last summer and received a box of delicious once a week on Wednesdays throughout the summer and into the fall. Not only did our girls get a healthy dose of veggies and fruits, it also allowed us to broaden their (and our) horizons a bit–kale chips, anyone? If anyone in the GF area is seriously thinking about joining one, I would highly recommend RGG. Check them out here and here!

I think the thing that I regretted the most last summer about our share was that too much of our produce went to waste due to poor planning and the general unknown, as in, “what’re we going to eat tonight and the occasional, what IS that?” Personally, this year I’d like to avoid such cases as much as possible and fully embrace the summer’s abundance bestowed. (Plus it’ll force us all to eat more veggies.) I’ll also be posting what and the # amount we get in each week’s box, and maybe if you’re really lucky, a picture.

Thus I am rolling out the Wednesday Meal Planning concept in hopes that by blogging I will be shamed into doing. (Ha ha–right, am I right?) So here is edition #1, prior to our first box’s appearance this coming week.

I am SO excited.

Meal Plan 6.17-6.18
Keys: * Dylan works **Softball 

6.17 Sunday*
B = Yogurt, granola, blueberries & honey
L = Roasted chicken, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, blackberries & baguette
D = Broccoli and cheese soup w/baguette & goat cheese
Sweet Treat for the Week: Rhubarb Bars

6.18 Monday*
B = Brocco-cheese burritos w/milk & blueberries
L = Fried rice w/fruit
D = Spicy avocado chicken enchiladas, cherries & milk

6.19 Tuesday**
B = Chocolate chip muffins, blueberries & cherries w/milk
L = Leftovers
D = Goat cheese burgers w/grilled beets & sweet potato fries

6.20 Wednesday
B = Toast, yogurt w/fruit & milk
L = Leftovers
D = Beet risotto w/spinach garlic bread

Now let’s cross our fingers and hope it all goes as planned! 😀

Bluewater 2011’s End

Bluewater: Day 3

Saturday brought Daddy, Grandma Sheila, Grandpa Terry and Uncle Caleb to Bluewater. Here are double Grandmas watching some girls build a sand castle. 
Ada made a new friend Ami this summer. They were a month difference in age and quite the pair. Where Ada is loud and gregarious, Ami certainly is quiet and shy. But by the end of the weekend were sad to say goodbye. 
Dylan, Grandpa Terry and Uncle Caleb took the boat out to go swim during “non swimming” hours. 
Double Grandpas with Nellie. Notice Dad’s eyes…no…he didn’t get into a fight with Mom. Barefooting bested him this go around…maybe he needs to take some pointers from Banana George?? ;D
OH Grandpa.
Ada could not get enough of the retaining wall. She loved to walk/balance on it. So naturally Lael did too.
Cousin hugs!

Walking again on the wall…

Lucy thought it looked pretty awesome too and decided to give it a try…

Er, well, she did try.
The following photos may promote cannibalism. As in, “You are so cute, I could eat you with a spoon!”

There are two chapel times each day at Bluewater during family camp. The kids are excused after the music to Kids Church in which they play games, listen to stories, etc. Here are some photos taken after adult chapel was dismissed.

A little bit of free time…

Such a tired baby. But she was so SO good. 🙂

Ada and Lael went tubing!! This was Lael’s first time and Ada was more than excited to go too.

Lucy kept loosing her sandal this weekend.

Reading stories was a huge part of Bluewater this year…dressed as a princess, naturally.

Listening to music with Uncle Caleb.

Waiting in line for supper on Saturday night.

Two princess cousins. 
What’s going on up there? 
Are we ready to eat yet???
Princess Grandpa.
Princess Grandpa Pete and Princess Ada. 
Eating the raindrops and making friends in line.

Anddddd still waiting.

But don’t worry. We did get to eat. 

Bluewater: Day 2

Great-Grandma Phyllis, Aunt Terrah, Lael and Lucy also joined us on Friday. The girls were excited to see each other as it was the first time since the Suttons moved to Wisconsin. 
Great-Grandma Phyllis tried reading the three (where’s Lucy?) a story…

My cute youngest niece. What a card she’s turned out to be. 😀

There were SO many girls at Bluewater this year! Which was great for us of course. Here’s a pic of some of the girls/sisters playing with dolls in front of the dining hall. Notice Nellie trying to get in on the action.

Bluewater: Day 1

It’s that time of year again when the family gathered at Bluewater Bible Camp and enjoyed a (semi) relaxing weekend. 🙂 
Grandma Jill, Grandpa Pete, the girls and I were the first to arrive on Thursday. We got there pretty early and took a long boat ride until the beach opened up for swimming. It was a bit gray cast but that certainly didn’t damper a certain-three-and-a-half-year-old’s enthusiasm…she did however refuse to look at the camera for all swimming pictures that day.
And Grandpa Pete, as you can plainly see, thought that was hilarious. 
Nellie also got to play in the sand. She loved it. 
Can you guess who set her up in this toweled-sandy-water-rig??
AND since she was out of the water, she decided that it was “okay” to take pictures. 
I love these two little girls.