Wordless Wednesday: Day Twenty-Seven: The Thing You Most Enjoy Doing

And if Nellie were in this picture it would be perfect.

Wordless Wednesday (A Little Late): Blast From The Past!!

Day Fifteen: The Person You Miss The Most–Part One

I’ve struggled as to how I should go about addressing this topic. 
How I can I choose?
How do I rate all those that I miss?
Who would rate the most?
Maybe I’m chickening out but I’ve decided to split this “Day” into more than one so that I can somewhat accurately describe my current nostalgia. 
I think that perhaps instead of missing someone the most, rather, I’ve been missing places in time. I didn’t appreciate them enough when they occurred and unfortunately, I think I could’ve gotten a lot more out of them as they were happening…but hindsight never does anyone any good. But, I guess I should contradict myself and say that it does in fact do me some good as I’m constantly reminded to try and get the most out of the current time and future ones…to just, be there as much as possible. 
Thus…I miss Idyllwild, California, circa August 2008-May 2009. 

Belated Posts…Again.

Sorry everyone for the lack of posts lately, it’s been rough just getting onto facebook and checking what people have posted on my wall let alone pictures, videos, etc. with Miss Nellie So around. (Although, that’s probably mostly just an excuse for laziness.)

So now…a few picture posts and some videos to get you up to speed on what’s been going on in our lives.
To kick it off, some oldies but goodies:
We miss you Californians!

Happy 2009!

We bid 2008 adieu with Brian, Britney, Becky, Steve, Salty & Moses (Ada couldn’t man up and went to bed at 7 pm). We feasted on fondue and chocolates, all the while watching the ball drop…twice. To top off the wild night, we played a cut throat game of contemporary Yahtzee that Britney suspiciously won at the last minute.

We look forward to a new year and all the possibilities that it brings.
What does that mean? We don’t know.
But we look forward to finding out.

The Ever Ongoing Job Search

This is the photo that we sent Tahquitz Pines Conference Center on our resumes. We realized that this is probably our first photo all together (that we orchestrated) since being in the hospital recovery room. And it’s amazing how big Ada’s already gotten.

This week has gone by extremely fast, not only have we conferenced more with Alan from Tahquitz about the job there in California, but Dylan started his new job at LM Glassfiber and Ada spent her first night away from Mommy and Daddy (there were only a few tears…none of Ada’s however). It doesn’t seem like just a week ago that we were feeling discouraged that no one was interested in what we could offer and then, BOOM, God opened a door for us.

Katie and Dylan will be flying out to California on Tuesday morning to see the Conference Center and also talk some more with Alan and his wife, Linda. Ada and Moses will be staying at Grandma Sheila and Grandpa Terry’s. We would appreciate your prayers for safety, wisdom and peace as we embark on this part in our job search journey. It will be a time of bid decisions and it is our hearts’ desire that God would be leading when and where we choose to go. If this is the place that God wants to cultivate us as a family and as believers, this is where we want to be…please pray for the wisdom to be able to discern whatever it is that God puts on our hearts while we are there and for the peace that whatever decision it is that we make, is the right one.


So we are still diligently on a job hunt. Dylan has been looking at a wide range of jobs in camping ministry and also in the secular realm of recreation and leisure (i.e. state parks). The jobs could and would take us anywhere from McGregor, MN, (sound familiar?) to Idyllwild, CA…all we have to do is to follow God through whichever door opens.

Experiencing the job search process has been a challenge. There are so many emotions that seem to cycle through our beings each time we check out a new wanted posting or send in an application. Excitement, anxiousness, hope, curiosity, frustration…and each time it seems a little tougher to continue. We know we need a job and we want a job, but we are comfortable where we are. Our families and friends are nearby, our jobs and hobbies are here, our family was created here. When we think about those things it makes it hard to motivate ourselves to push forward through the rejection to find the right open door. Because, ultimately, we know it’s out there somewhere.

So, if you think about, even though it may be hard, please pray for us. Pray that we would be diligent and patient in God’s timing so that we don’t miss an opportunity meant specifically for us. Pray that we have the courage and determination to pursue openings and the wisdom to pick out which ones would really fit our family. Please pray for our hearts that they would continue to prepare us for whatever service we will be called to. Thank you for your prayers and support; we definitely appreciate them all.