I am #2599

I am #2599.

I am a mother of two daughters.

I am a woman and a wife.

I am a daughter and a sister.

I am an aunt and a niece.

I am a grand daughter and a daughter-in-law.

I am adopted.

I am a sister-in-law, a mentor, a friend, a cousin, an ex-girlfriend, a woman of color.

I am a woman saved by Grace.

I am a bad poet, a jaded idealist, an adventurer, a writer, a musician, a dreamer, a baker, a cook, an artist, a reader, a lover of fashion, a crusader, a supervisor, a change maker, a change yearner, a decorator, a believer of prayer, a searching soul.

I am passionate, loud, stubborn, sensitive, brash, compassionate, competitive, loving, annoying, zealous, animated, joy-seeking, inquisitive, independent, dependent, pessimistic with a twist of sunshine, goal-oriented, achieving, path making, privileged, and humbled daily.

And yet it feels that the church only focuses on one thing.

My vagina.

I am so much more than my lady parts. My vagina. My uterus. My birth control. My reproductive rights. My fertility. My pregnancies. My miscarriage. My sexual history. My purity. My impurity. My female-ness. 

Christ knows I am more.

He knows women are more.

I am a daughter of His.

I am a follower.

I am a player in humanity.

And because of this,

I am #2599.

NOTE: I am stealing and reposting Rachel Held Evans’ comment policy concerning the positional content of this post. It reads as follows: Please stay positive with your comments. If your comment is rude, it gets deleted. If it is critical, please make it constructive. If you are constantly negative or a general ass, troll, or hater, you will get banned. The definition of terms is left solely up to us.


9 thoughts on “I am #2599

  1. Right, Christ knows you are more, you are more than someone tied down to sin, He wants to release you from that. Jesus never said sin was ok. You are an amazing creation of God, and He wants you to seek him with your whole heart, right now you’re not. I’m sorry if you take that offensively, but many try to make Jesus out to be an all-understanding person who just wants you to be happy the way you are, NO, He wants you to be freed from sin to live a life of righteousness.

    • John Doe, I would appreciate if you would be willing stand behind your commenting with your real name, however, if John Doe is your real name–more power to your parents.

      Side note aside, I’m not saying that sin is okay. I’m not telling any woman to go out and have an abortion. I am not saying that Christ told us abortions were okay and He was “cool with that.” What I am saying is that Christ gave me a choice to choose a relationship with Him, to choose a life committed to searching out what it means to follow Him. He gave me the choice as much as you. I do not believe that Jesus would have wanted us to make laws akin to His Big Ten that take away people’s choice. If these laws are supported in our belief in God, why do we not push further to make laws against any other forms of religion? If we follow the one, true God, what should stop us from pursuing this?

      I also believe as you that Jesus was NOT a person who believed we should do anything that makes us happy. That is not who, I believe, God called us to be. We were created in His image and after the fall, our perception of that was broken. We are now left in a community to find what it means to be a follower of Christ together. It is within this beautiful and broken community that we are challenged to love one another, edifying truth, and challenging each other in humble righteousness to define ourselves further and discover ourselves more fully in Him.

      With that being said, I do not take your criticisms offensively, rather, I appreciate them as a challenge coming from someone who I presume, truly believes what you believe. I am a firm believer that never could a stance become a belief if it were not challenged, re-examined, and put into practice.

  2. Well, John Doe, no matter how hard you try, you as well as all of us will never be free from sin. You won’t get out your door in the morning without sinning. Following the Bible to the letter has been tried and no one has been able to abide by it. Most just except they sin, and realize they are still loved by a God who is the only judge, and He calls us to love our neighbor. Thats simple and lovely and works for me.

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