Monday meal plan on Wednesday

Ufta. I wondered last week and now look at this week–even a day further behind! I’m going to blame the cold. I live in ND, so I feel that’s a legit excuse as my body rebels against going outside or even just getting out of bed. I had to meet a client at 7am this morning to do employment paperwork and when I checked the weather it read -17.


Lucky for me it’s warmed up a bit to -11… Haha. I am so funny sometimes. I guess I can’t complain too much since we had an unnaturally warm winter last year and a gorgeous summer (of which I hope to repeat at least that). Global warming, knock it off!!

Monday Meal Plan : 1.21-1.27

1.21 Monday

Dinner: Baked brown sugar chicken wings w/roasted red pepper cream sauce. The wings were good but the sauce was SO good. In fact, I doubled it and saved the extra sauce for tomorrow’s supper.

1.22 Tuesday

Breakfast: Homemade granola bars

Dinner: Penne w/shredded chicken, spinach and roasted red pepper cream sauce. I will probably throw in some crescent rolls too, because that sounds delicious. Oh, and leftover apple sour cream pie with Cool Whip. Because that sounds delicious as well.

1.23 Wednesday  

Breakfast: Granola w/yogurt & honey

Dinner: Eat the World: BENIN. Okay, I know I said we’d eat this last week but, we didn’t. So now we are.


Homemade vegetable boullion. I’ve been chomping at the bit since I first found this recipe to try it out. I love homemade stock but I hate that it takes so much space up in my freezers. Maybe this is my answer??

1.24 Thursday* 

Breakfast: Cereal w/fruit & milk
Dinner: Crispy honey lemon chicken w/basmati & roasted broccoli. Our friend Senta made this awesome roasted broccoli with only olive oil, salt, and pepper–it was addictive. I’m gonna try and fill her shoes… Oh, and Chocolate cobbler. Because I can.


Macaroni Salad to go along with Dylan’s sandwiches this weekend. I haven’t been crazy about her recipes (her instructions/ingredients lists are usually off or missing something here and there) but I have hope for this.

Ethereally Smooth Hummus. I’m also gonna whip some of this up while I watch some more HIMYM episodes. I can only watch these when D’s working or he mocks the laugh track mercilessly. 

1.25 Friday* 

Breakfast: Cereal & milk

Tea Time: Ada will be at Terry’s…

Dinner: Dachtler Pizza Night!


Roasted Rhubarb Jam. I have lots of Rhubarb. I love Rhubarb. This sounds delicious.

1.26 Saturday*

Breakfast: Fruit, granola bars & milk

Lunch: Beer cheese macaroni. Nom nom nom

Tea Time: Hummus & pita chips w/assam, milk & sugar

Dinner: Brown sugar butter roasted chicken with avocado fries. I am drooling at the thought.

1.27 Sunday* 

Breakfast: Cereal & milk

Lunch, Tea & Dinner: @ Terry & Sheila’s as per Sunday tradition

And maybe this week’s freeeeezing weather will encourage me to get another Pinteresting post done. But don’t hold your breath.



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