Monday meal plan

Happy new years eve! Does anyone have big plans for tonight? Dylan and I have never been much for going out or big parties to ring in the new year, in fact, most of our seven spent together have ended with an early evening cozied in bed, asleep before 11 pm. I know, we are cah-raaaazy. And this year will probably not veer far from our norm as Dylan isn’t feeling well and has to work until 10 pm and I am just happy to be home, getting back into our swing of things. But who knows, we’ll see what the days holds.

And on that note of our spontaneously wild lives, it is once again Monday and that means–drum roll, please–Monday Meal Plan! Woo!

Since I was a W3 (Work Weekend Widow), the girls and  I spent all day yesterday at the in-laws. Sheila and I had an epic pierogi fest. Millions Thirties of pierogies were formed and loved to be stashed in my freezer for delicious, quick meals. If you’ve never heard of a pierogi before it is a delicious little, chewy/crispy dumpling stuffed with a potato, cheese, and ham mixture of some sort (we added onions and celery this time). SO good but totally a time consuming effort that makes cooking them seem a bit overwhelming without a partner. Thus I am infinitely thankful that I have a mother-in-law who loves to cook and feed her freezer as much as me. These will probably make an appearance on the menu this week. Nom nom nom.

Monday Meal Plan : Smell ya later 2012! edition

12.31 Monday

Breakfast: Cereal, toast, whatever floats Dylan and the girls’ boat since they’ll be home. I’ll probably have granola.

Lunch: Leftovers, to make it easy on Dylan and to eliminate waste. Seriously, I hate, hate, hate wasting food!

Tea Time: Whatever Dylan feels like giving them—I’ll be at work.

Dinner: Skillet eggplant lasagna. New recipe to use up the lingering bags of summer stash I have in my deep freeze.


Ranger cookies. I’ve been meaning to try this recipe out and see if it comes close to these cookies that I buy at the grocery store because I dislike having to buy them when I could make them. Anyone else out there like that?

1.1 Tuesday

Breakfast: Fried eggs and toast for the girls and The ultimate creamy mushrooms over toast w/fried eggs and chili oil for Dylan and I. Sounds like a good way to kickoff the year.

Lunch: Tomatillo chicken filling enchiladas. New crockpot recipe to try out. Hopefully it’s good because I’ve got a crapload of green tomato puree/chunks in my freezer and I want to prove to Dylan that I’m gonna use it up this year…

Tea Time: Hot chocolate and ranger cookies.

Dinner: Steak and Roasted Parmesan cream onions. Gotta ring in the new year right. 

1.2 Wednesday  

Breakfast: Granola w/yogurt & honey

Lunch: Leftovers or whatever Dylan feels like eating since he’ll be home alone. 

Tea Time: Girls @ school/daycare

Dinner: Chicken Tikka Masala w/leftover basmati. Nom nom.


I pledge to attack the massive amounts of over-ripened bananas in my freezer and re-feed it with a few loaves of banana bread.  

1.3 Thursday

Breakfast: Toasted naan w/mashed avocado & fried eggs. My girls LOVE this quick and healthy breakfast. 

Lunch:  Leftovers or whatever Dylan feels like eating since he’ll be home alone. 

Tea Time: Girls @ school/daycare

Dinner: Pumpkin and black bean soup with cheesy quesadillas. Another newbie to use up some of the pumpkin stash in my freezer from our summer CSA.

1.4 Friday

Breakfast: Teddy Bear Toast. Because it’s cute.

Pinned Image

Lunch: Leftovers or whatever Dylan feels like eating since he’ll be home alone. 

Tea Time: Girls @ school/daycare

Dinner: Eat the World–Belize 


One bowl vanilla cupcakes for two (times 2). Just a sweet treat for the end of the week.

1.5 Saturday

Breakfast: Hodeok. A well-loved Korean snack, except I’m making it for bfast because it’s delicious. Also, if you have time, click on the link and explore this lady’s recipe archive. So many good things in there with great step-by-step instruction!

Lunch: Mexican Pizza. This is a meatless, delicious dish that never fails to please. Try it, you’d be remiss not to.

Tea Time: Assam tea w/sugar and milk, banana bread

Dinner: Eat the World–Benin


Chocolate chip cookie pie.

1.6 Sunday

Breakfast: Muffins that taste like donuts. Just.Be.Cause.

Lunch, Tea & Dinner: @ Terry & Sheila’s for football Sunday


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