Monday meal plan on Friday

I know, I know…disorganization reigns in my house prior to, during, and immediately after holidays. It’s a mess. BUT at least I’m attempting to get back on track, right? Right?!

Dylan works the next few days (those 40 hour weekend spurts are something that the girls and I will definitely NOT miss when he gets his first teaching gig–Dylan too, I’m sure) and will be gone for approximately two breakfasts, two lunches, and five dinners, with approximately four or five snacks. Being the Betty Crockery wife that I am (stifle your snickering, please), I usually try to make a little extra for him to take along for meals. Plus the need for snacks = baking time! Because truthfully, how many sandwiches and cans of soup does one person really want to consume in less than a week? Which, after typing that sentence, I realize it needs a hash tag to call it like it is: #firstwordproblemsfosho 

Monday Friday Meal Plan

12.28 Friday

Breakfast: Cereal and/or toast. Maybe yogurt with honey and blackberries or whatever the girls feel like that’s quick and easy since I have to work.   

Lunch: Ginger garlic chicken porridge. New recipe to try! I’m going to swap out the chicken for turkey since Dad sent us home with a bag of leftovers from Christmas Eve. Yes, I know that tomorrow is probably the last day for them…

Tea Time: Assam w/sugar & milk and cookies. Ada loves this loose leaf stuff I pick up at the international market near our house.

Dinner: Dahl for Dylan and me (deliciousness incarnate and a great pick me up for his cold). Leftovers for the girls, which might seem cruel but there’s a ton of their favorites lingering in the fridge and I hate wasting food.   


Cherry chocolate coconut granola. This is to DIE for. Seeeeeriously. My kids eat it for snack by the fistfuls and truthfully, I’m never found too far off. Poured in a bowl with a healthy dash of almond milk and it is my go-to breakfast of choice.

No bake chocolate chip granola bars. Every time I’ve made these they’ve disappeared within the day. Single, double, even a triple batch! Crazy good.

12.29 Saturday

Breakfast: Easy raspberry strudel. Another newbie that’s been sitting in my recipe box for far too long. If I make it the night before it’ll be easy to bake in the morning? Warm strudel and a cup of coffee with my hubby? Hopefully he’ll be feeling better so I can drag him out of bed to spend time with me before he heads off to work his monstrously long day.

Lunch: American goulash. A “newish” recipe that sounds exactly like the stuff I remember devouring from childhood. It’s one of those hotdishy recipes that I get to indulge in guiltless when Dylan works because apparently I married a food snob,

who knew?

Tea Time: Chamomile tea & leftover strudel—if there is any. Or chocolate chip cookies leftover from Nellie’s Cookie Monster cake.

Dinner: Korean ground beef, fried eggs and kimchi. SO good. Quick, delicious,comfort food that’s right up my alley.

12.30 Sunday = All day Pierogi making affair with Sheila! My tummy is I’m so excited!

12.31 Monday

Breakfast: Cereal, toast, whatever floats Dylan and the girls’ boat since they’ll be home. I’ll probably have granola.

Lunch: Leftovers, to make it easy on Dylan and to eliminate waste. Seriously, I hate, hate, hate wasting food!

Tea Time: Whatever Dylan feels like giving them—I’ll be at work.

Dinner: Skillet eggplant lasagna. New recipe to use up the lingering bags of summer stash I have in my deep freeze.


Ranger cookies. I’ve been meaning to try this recipe out and see if it comes close to these cookies that I buy at the grocery store because I dislike having to buy them when I could make them. Anyone else out there like that?


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