My growing, Nellie girl

Miss Nellie had her two-year checkup on Monday this week. Dr. King looked her up and over and declared that everything looks and seems healthy. She’s still got the heart murmur we learned about last year but said she’s not really concerned since we saw a specialist in Fargo and he said it’d go away. Dylan had the same type when he was younger and it no longer exists, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. AND lucky for us she was up-to-date on all her shots (including the flu) so we had a shot free visit…but we still had to get a finger prick to test her blood lead level.

We’ve set up an appointment at Mayo Clinic to checkout the swelling of her hemangioma. It hasn’t changed much, if at all, since we first went in again in October, but figure it might be enough to be impeding on the upper part of her vision. Better safe than sorry, right? I’m sure I’ll write more on that later, so we’ll leave it be for now, just if you think about it, please send up a prayer for us next week.

The hospital used to give out these cute little “See how I’m growing” stickers with the child’s info written on them, this time around I got a print out, along with other “helpful” tips on her developmental stage. Not quite as cute for her journal. She is growing though, albeit slowly. My peanut is 2’9″ (30%) and 25 lb 9.6 oz (37%), she’s still wearing some 12-24 mo. shirts but now has pretty much upgraded to 2T. Which reminds me that I’ve got to go through her closet and put away all the clothes that are too small.

An Instagram: Playing dress up with Daddy’s hat.

This Friday is her official birthday. She’ll be TWO. Has it really been TWO years? She’s still my “baby,” but she’s becoming more and more vocal about how much of a “baby” she sees herself as. Which, of course, kicks off baby fever for this mama, but rest assured that these ovaries are for now under control.


3 thoughts on “My growing, Nellie girl

  1. Drew has a hemangioma by his eye as well. The dermatologist we took him to wrote us a prescription for a topical cream that is basically blood pressure medication in cream form. Supposedly it makes it go away. They have also had good luck with glaucoma medicine. We opted not to do it because his isn’t impeding his vision and we’re pretty confident it will continue to fade, but if time goes on and it doesn’t go away I’m sure we’ll look into it some more!

  2. Nellie’s actually swelled almost completely shut by the time she was 3 months, so we took her to Mayo Clinic and they performed about 4 injections of steroids into the eyelid itself. It cleared up the swelling until just a couple months ago, and this time around it’s not nearly as bad. Just noticeable enough for paranoid parents. 😉 We were given the option of blood pressure medicine when she was younger, but we opted not to due to the effects that it could’ve had on her and because we are far away from a pediatric cardiologist (they told us we would have to make monthly visits). It’s faded considerably since then, the cosmetic part is in the back of my mind a bit, I won’t lie, but mostly I’m worried about her vision. But I’m confident that they’ll take care of her well and present us with the best options for her–it’s just that Mom-anxiousness that comes out when my kids go through another health ordeal. I hope Drew’s is doing better as well, you’ll have to let me know what kind of prescription you use and I’ll ask the Dr about it. 🙂

  3. Praying all goes well at mayo. I think Macie’s red splotch on her finger is fading, and it looks like Nellie’s eye is, though it always looks swollen to me. As long as it’s not bothering her vision. Love you guys!

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