I’m thankful for…

There’s this “new” thing on facebook statuses lately tied into the BEST holiday ever, Thanksgiving!! (I may just be a wee bit excited.) Nonetheless, I may be a day late but I have decided to hop on the proverbial train and join in. In order to make up yesterday, I’ll post #2 today.

  1. I am thankful for tomorrows. I am thankful that tomorrow is another day and tomorrow is another chance. I am infinitely thankful that tomorrow is another try at things that I have failed again at. If there was ever something that consistently happens that reminds me of how much God loves me is the fact that every day, no matter how bad I mess up, He loves me still, and He will tomorrow to. 
  2. I am thankful for my children. Although Nellie clings to her daycare lady’s fridge, crying that she doesn’t want to leave when I go to pick her up after work, I know that she loves me. No, really…she does. And I’m thankful that Ada is passionate and creative, flexible and inquisitive. That despite her Daddy and Mommy’s hectic, ever-changing schedules, she’s willing to bend and go with the flow. I’m thankful that they play together and actually enjoy each other’s company. And even though they might hate all the “togetherness” and could use a break from “sisterly love,” I still find them snuggled up, sleeping against each other in one bunk each night. For them, for me, for us as a family, I am thankful.

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