Nelson’s pumpkin patch

We took the girls out to Nelson’s Pumpkin Patch near Emerado, ND. It’s a cute little spot that’s worth the annual 30 minute drive. We went a bit late this year so there weren’t many pumpkins to choose from, in fact, the ones left were the most dejected rejects I’ve seen. Poor pumpkins. Had my mom been there, she would’ve bought every single one of those uglier than ugly gourds. Or more than likely she would’ve picked the ugliest and bought it out of pity, like every one of our past Christmas trees…

I still can’t figure out how to narrate pictures as opposed to “commenting” on them. Eventually I’ll get this figured out…

We went with my boss and her family, she’s got two littles the same age as our girls, so it’s nice to do things with them. 🙂 Unfortunately we decided to go right around naptime…I’m not sure why that happened…so needless to say, the kids were a bit like fish outta water. At least they took turns with their behaviors, I guess we do have to give them “thanks” for that.

Ada and Nellie loved the pumpkin skee-ball table and the “petting zoo.” Nellie kept crowing at the chickens which was pretty funny. We also attacked the short corn maze but the kids weren’t all that thrilled.

Annual pumpkin patch adventure…thank goodness it’s annual…


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