CSA 2012 & "Wednesday" Meal Planning

I am SUPER excited about our first delivery next week from Red Goose Gardens. We joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) last summer and received a box of delicious once a week on Wednesdays throughout the summer and into the fall. Not only did our girls get a healthy dose of veggies and fruits, it also allowed us to broaden their (and our) horizons a bit–kale chips, anyone? If anyone in the GF area is seriously thinking about joining one, I would highly recommend RGG. Check them out here and here!

I think the thing that I regretted the most last summer about our share was that too much of our produce went to waste due to poor planning and the general unknown, as in, “what’re we going to eat tonight and the occasional, what IS that?” Personally, this year I’d like to avoid such cases as much as possible and fully embrace the summer’s abundance bestowed. (Plus it’ll force us all to eat more veggies.) I’ll also be posting what and the # amount we get in each week’s box, and maybe if you’re really lucky, a picture.

Thus I am rolling out the Wednesday Meal Planning concept in hopes that by blogging I will be shamed into doing. (Ha ha–right, am I right?) So here is edition #1, prior to our first box’s appearance this coming week.

I am SO excited.

Meal Plan 6.17-6.18
Keys: * Dylan works **Softball 

6.17 Sunday*
B = Yogurt, granola, blueberries & honey
L = Roasted chicken, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, blackberries & baguette
D = Broccoli and cheese soup w/baguette & goat cheese
Sweet Treat for the Week: Rhubarb Bars

6.18 Monday*
B = Brocco-cheese burritos w/milk & blueberries
L = Fried rice w/fruit
D = Spicy avocado chicken enchiladas, cherries & milk

6.19 Tuesday**
B = Chocolate chip muffins, blueberries & cherries w/milk
L = Leftovers
D = Goat cheese burgers w/grilled beets & sweet potato fries

6.20 Wednesday
B = Toast, yogurt w/fruit & milk
L = Leftovers
D = Beet risotto w/spinach garlic bread

Now let’s cross our fingers and hope it all goes as planned! 😀


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