Ada’s Third Swimming Lesson

First, I should say that I am insanely proud of Ada. She’s progressed with her swimming so much just within three days! She’s conquered her fear of getting her face wet and has even begun bobbing without prompting, on her own accord, for…fun! 
Sometimes I step back and look at my big girl and am in awe. Where did she get this courage? Where did she get this intense curiosity for life? And I am proud. And I am a little embarrassed by how corny and sentimental I have become since her birth. 
But I am. Awed. By this perfect, wonderful, intelligent little being that I am blessed to have been given. Everyday she shows me something new, explains to me the most mundane (and yes, they are mundane) things as if they were worthy of an Oprah exclusive, and I am reminded about how quickly she is growing. And about how many things I have yet to learn in order to raise her and just to be a better person for her. 
Nellie is still all smiles, gurgles, and tempestuous mood swings. But she too is growing far too quickly for my tastes. I am so thankful for modern technology’s advancement–I curse it some, most days–but  I also realize how lucky we are to live in a time where cameras of all kinds are at the touch of a button in the most minute of devices. 
Mama and Nellie hamming around poolside:
And there’s no better day than Good Friday to be reminded of the blessings that I have been given. 

Thank you. My heart feels overwhelmed with the love that you showed us, for the ultimate compassion that you poured out for us. I’m struck by the agony and the despair, the brutal pain that you felt. Physically but even more so emotionally. Thank you for your sacrifice so that I would have the chance, the opportunity to delve deeper into love with the Father. So that I could raise my daughters to know You and so they could experience ultimate love. It’s times such as these when I reflect on the relationship of a Father sacrificing His only Son that I am brought to my knees. In embarrassment, in repentance, and in compassion. I pray that my life reflects the deep gratitude that I have for such a gift and that the love that brought us here and gave us new life would flow through me into my family, enriching our lives together and showing others your beauty. 

One thought on “Ada’s Third Swimming Lesson

  1. So beautiful. Your prayer reflects a heart that your girls are lucky to have – what more is there to learn than your own need for Jesus? I figure if I give my girls that much, I've given them everything. Thanks for writing. 🙂 Happy Easter!

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