Ada’s First Swimming Lesson

 Ada started swimming lessons this week at UND. She’s a “Bobber” or rather, she’s a first level swimmer. I was nervous because by definition this girl was going to have to bob or submerge herself under the water, even if for a second, it seemed awfully daunting for a girl who comes up gasping like a dying guppie when shampoo is rinsed out of her hair.

Seriously. I don’t make this stuff up.

But I took her because I want her to feel confident getting wet and because I want her to have the basic tools of swimming staying afloat.

She was so excited that afternoon she was bouncing off the couch. Literally. Here she is all sass before her lesson.
This first video is of the first minute Ada got into the water. (Disclaimer: These videos are pretty boring to everyone and anyone but me and Dylan. And maybe a few others. You’ve been warned.)

There was a lot of jumping this first lesson because Ada wasn’t ready to commit to the full bob. But she loved it and was so excited to go back tonight with Grandma Sheila.

I really should’ve had Sheila take some pictures/videos of her because I guess tonight she bobbed! Nine times according to Ada (picture “this many”) AND she “chop-chopped” like a tree and jumped into the water. I’ve got a fish! <><


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