OH Man.

I am SO over surprise pestilence and over-all-boo-ness that seems to be following us around lately.

*WARNING: Flat-out pity party monologue to follow

Nellie stayed home from daycare the other day because she had thrown up seven times from 12:30 am-6:00 am, and then, as if we weren’t convinced enough, she threw up sitting in the living room at about 8:30 am. It’s been off and on since then.

This morning I got Ada all ready and as we were putting her shoes on for the bus she proceeds to vomit. All.over.every.where.

I had to call Bus Driver Ron of the Orange Fish <>< Bus and let him know that she would not need to be picked up.

UGH. No fevers really, Ada felt a bit hot when I got home for lunch but otherwise, they’re temperaments have been pretty true to their little selves. Apparently this fiendish foe has plagued the school districts as well. I can only pray that I don’t get it (or Dylan too!).

 And on top of that our van is in the shop and our CRV will probably still be out of commission until next week, maybe even into the next after that. The only upside to the car issues there are that we get to drive around this cute little thing:

Will 2012 ever be kind to us??

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