Day Twenty-Eight: Someone That Changed Your Life

Since the blog has been an homage to daughters and husband as of late, I’ve decided to pick a different character that has heavily influenced (read =changed) my life.

This comes up again and again but I truly don’t see that changing anytime soon (or ever).
I would choose four people as one unit that cohesively, and regardless of each other, shaped my life dramatically.
My birth mother.
My birth father.
My Dad.
My Mom.

I don’t really feel like getting into it right now. I feel like there’s more than I could ever say. Maybe someday I’ll expand more.

What I know now about parenthood–motherhood–is that I cannot fathom the decisions that were made and how they came about. And yet, I am so grateful that it has turned out the way it did.

I have three beautiful reasons for that, among a million other blessings.


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