ETW: Bahrain Completed!

Today Dylan and I finally accomplished Bahrain. 
We feted on Fish Curry with Rice and a delicious eggplant-based dip called “Uukkous Al-Badinjan.” with pita chips (okay, the pita chips aren’t authentic but we decided to keep our flat bread for another day with the girls–oh yes, and the girls were napping at this time so Dylan and I actually got to spend some time alone, together! Imagine that!). 
It was a unanimous decision that we should make these two recipes again. The fish curry was quick, easy and full of flavor and, since it called for tilapia fillets, easy on the budget! Once I added the seasonings and the sauce started going the whole house smelled divine. 

Now, the dip was super easy too. I simply roasted up some eggplant and then threw it (skins and all, because  they don’t bother me) into my processor with all the other ingredients. And presto! Delicious, addicting dip! I’m sure it’s going to taste even better tomorrow since the flavors will be able to meld–please note that there is cayenne pepper in this and it may not be the best idea for young palettes.

It’s certainly not very pretty to photograph. But here it is:
Someday I’ll figure out how to take better pictures…
Fish Curry in the pan (with flash).
Fish curry still in the pan (without flash).
Yuuuuuum! I’m so excited to be doing this again, after falling off the wagon per se, we both were feeling overwhelmed at the idea of starting up again. I guess the momentum was gone, but after the success of this meal, we’re both excited about it. The only issue now is that we’ve both committed to giving up meat for lent (sans seafood obviously) and with some of these countries coming up, it’ll certainly be missed!

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