Day Twenty-Two: Your Pet Peeves

My Pet Peeves have a lot to do with other people. Thus the following:

People who… 
  1. assume my daughters are not my husband’s because they don’t look like him. 
  2. assume I am an extremely, ahem, “active” teenage mother. 
  3. dole out unsolicited parenting advice, especially if it is accompanied with a been-there-done-that-you’re-too-young-to-understand-blah-blah-blahditty-blah-blah-kind-of-tone.
  4. pity others that live lifestyles they don’t understand. 
  5. are arrogant and bigoted to boot.
  6. don’t take pride in their written word, be it email, facebook status, twitter, whatever. Grammar is still well and alive people. Take notice.
  7. buck responsibility irresponsibly. 
  8. ask me “what are you?” Excuse me, what are you!? 
  9. eschew the basic rules of manners.
  10. spout out book knowledge but have no real-world application or experience for it.

I also am not a fan of hang nails, peeling cuticles (ouch), long hairs in my food, disorganized kitchens, throwing away food that hasn’t been eaten because it’s gone nasty before being used, lint balls on the underarms of my cardigans, poky armpit hairs, eyebrow hairs that refuse to be plucked, cracked eye shadows and face powders, dirty counter tops, and an empty cookie jar when all I want is something sweet. 

Hm. Apparently I’m quite particular. Maybe I should go ahead and register for AARP and get my cranky-old-lady card ahead of the game.

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