Day Nineteen: Something That Makes You Different

Something that makes me different.





I think the best way to tackle this is by making a list because I know how much you all love lists.

5 Things that Make Me Different From You
  1. I am not white. (Obviously this is only fitting for some, cut me some slack!)
  2. My birth date is a darn good estimate rather than a fact. 
  3. I totally suck at doing my hair, apart from washing and brushing it (and Dylan would argue the washing part I’m still getting down–hey, I’ve got kids! And a husband! How many hours in a day do you think there are?).
  4. I’m pretty sure my littlest piggies only have one joint. And maybe the other piggies as well. 
  5. I have monolids. (See #1)

I’m sure there are more but what kind of audience am I talking to??…

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