Dylan’s iPhone Cache

Some pictures from Dylan’s new iPhone…
Poor Moses, Ada’s ugliest, “living doll.”
 I went to Kansas City, MO, for a school trip at the beginning of January and the girls got to stay home and have quality Daddy-time. They took many a walk: 
 They also sent me pictures because this Mama was a bit homesick.
 I love these two.
And my Cry Baby. 
 My Mom bought Ada this dress-gown for Christmas and she got a makeup kit from Grandma Sheila. This is what happens when 3 (at the time) year olds and such nefarious pieces mix. Dylan and I like to think it’s some sort of Bride-of-Chuckie-esque costume (not the “booootyful princess Ada” that we’ve been inundated with). 
Lounging at home with the fam.

 We’re a pretty good looking bunch if I do say so myself.

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