Bertney’s Visit

Aunt Bertney came and stayed with us for a long weekend. It was awesome to spend time together it was not so awesome that we had our first bout of lice two days prior to her visit. Luckily Bert’s a sport and put up with the upended house and crazy, cooped up girls–she even helped me slather them in mayonnaise, vinegar and other ungodly concoctions in order to beat the buggers. 
We didn’t take many pictures while she was here, we were too busy gabbing and doing, but here are the few that I managed to take:
NOTE: Bert gave Nellie a spoonful of Mayo. 
And she loved it. 
Truly I have married a white man from a white family of mayonnaise lovers. 😉
 Ada decided she wanted to play outside. 
 Ada and Dylan made a snowman. Notice Dylan’s half-tipped, bloody, dripping finger…

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