A Purrfect Party!

 A little someone turned 4 in February and we celebrated with a Purrfect Party!
 An old co-worker of mine made this awesome cake for Ada’s party. She does this in her free time. Seriously Brittany, you’re amazing. 
 We also had chocolate cupcakes (mostly because I couldn’t put candles into the Hello Kitty cake…it didn’t deserve that kind of treatment).
 We also played Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty and everyone got in on the action, even Great-Grandma Hilda.
 Ada of course got more than her fair share of birthday gifts. 
 And even Nellie got one.

Grandma and Grandpa gave Ada a huge plastic spider because Ada is always teasing Grandma Jill on the phone that she is going to bring one to their lake house (Grandma Jill hates spiders). 
 Ada thought it was hysterical…although she wasn’t so willing to get near it for a while. 
 We finally cut the poor girl up.
 Tasty funfetti inside with chocolate frosting…I’m not crazy about fondant but Ada loved it.
 Hiding out and doing naughty things with the Grandmas.
 Thank you everyone who stopped by and joined us to celebrate Ada’s 4th birthday! We truly are lucky to have such wonderful friends and family.
 And last but not least, a little cupcake bandit.

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