Shame On Me

I know, I know. Another heart-felt post about being a terrible blogger with sloppy apologies flung here and there.

But truly, I am.
Life is busy. You all know that. And lately with the lovely onset of February’s disease and pestilence the Dachtler household got.rock.ed.

Hopefully we’ll be picking up with where we left off our “ETW” adventures this week with Bahrain (the menu is still the same). I must mention however that ETW will be effected by Lent and our decision to give up meat–so expect a lot of tofu, beans (yes, yes, I know tofu is technically from beans) and seafood in the very near future.

Also, if you haven’t noticed this is an incredibly random post–what better way to make my walk of shame debut onto the blogging scene?

Britney came to visit us. We miss her.

Ada turned 4! Can you believe that? I have a 4-year-old!!
And Nellie is still NOT walking. I am convinced I will be carrying her to kindergarten.

Dylan is still chipping away at biochem and organic. I am still hanging in with communications and work. Work! Oh yes, did I mention that I got a new job?? I started working at Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota in their New American Services department as their Employment Specialist. I even have a card.
I love it. Seriously, it’s been such a change of pace and a needed breath of fresh air to get me intrigued and fired up for nonprofits again.

So now I am back. Back in action. Back in the driver’s seat (oh yes, we also bought a van. Traded in the lovely pickup for a ’01 Oldsmobile Silhoutte–never thought I’d live to see the day.). Back in the game.

Well, you get the picture.


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