Eat the World 13: Bahrain

Week #13
Bahrain Menu
Uukkous Al-Badinjan w/Flat Bread (A yummy eggplant based dip)
Main Dish:            
Fish Curry w/Basmati
            Quamar-el-Deen (Apricot Fruit Leather)

Tuesday we will be celebrating the country of Bahrain! I am so excited since we have been on a hiatus of sorts (November was a crazy month full of weddings and what not) and this will be our Eat the World meal in what seems like ages. Okay, maybe just a few weeks. Nonetheless, stay tuned!

Note: Please also forgive me for not posting the last seven countries–we left you at “A Countries” and now we’re on B!” Apparently I am that lame. I just may post a roundup of photos from those other countries just to give you all a little idea of what we did. 


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