New Job: Employment Specialist

Hello all. It’s been a while…

Just wanted to update a little bit about what’s going on in our little corner of the world.

* Nellie So turned one on November 30th!
  -She is a crawling champ and has moved onto pulling herself up on EVERYTHING. Ada and Moses have  
   had quite enough of it and it’s only just begun…
  -She’ll stand holding your hands and then gets mad that her legs don’t move. She wants to walk so badly but  
   hasn’t quite figured it out yet. Only time will tell.
* Ada is LOVING Head Start. Riding the bus, having “jobs” and brings home wonderful works of art!
* Dylan is still chugging away at school–Fall 2011 semester is almost over. *Phew*
* I started school this Fall (Communications with a Nonprofit Minor) and am excited for my upcoming conference in Kansas City, MO. It’s for my nonprofit minor and should be pretty informative.
* Thanksgiving was wonderful–we were able to see both sides of the family. 😀
* My little brother got married! Can you believe it? He and Nina (the new sister-in-law) had a beautiful wedding that Ada and I were able to participate in. I’m excited to post the fancy pictures of it soon.

* I started a new job! Lutheran Social Services hired me on as their Employment Specialist in their New American Services department! I’m pretty pumped about it (today was day #2 on the job) and look forward to working with the Bhutanese and Somali populations that we settle.

I guess that’s a brief wrap up of the Dachtler shenanigans for now. I promise to get pictures up someday when I’m not so lazy. And I have been feeling sad that this blog has been ignored for so long, so I pledge to make a comeback and ring out 2011 with regular posting!


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