Bluewater: Day 3

Saturday brought Daddy, Grandma Sheila, Grandpa Terry and Uncle Caleb to Bluewater. Here are double Grandmas watching some girls build a sand castle. 
Ada made a new friend Ami this summer. They were a month difference in age and quite the pair. Where Ada is loud and gregarious, Ami certainly is quiet and shy. But by the end of the weekend were sad to say goodbye. 
Dylan, Grandpa Terry and Uncle Caleb took the boat out to go swim during “non swimming” hours. 
Double Grandpas with Nellie. Notice Dad’s eyes…no…he didn’t get into a fight with Mom. Barefooting bested him this go around…maybe he needs to take some pointers from Banana George?? ;D
OH Grandpa.
Ada could not get enough of the retaining wall. She loved to walk/balance on it. So naturally Lael did too.
Cousin hugs!

Walking again on the wall…

Lucy thought it looked pretty awesome too and decided to give it a try…

Er, well, she did try.
The following photos may promote cannibalism. As in, “You are so cute, I could eat you with a spoon!”

There are two chapel times each day at Bluewater during family camp. The kids are excused after the music to Kids Church in which they play games, listen to stories, etc. Here are some photos taken after adult chapel was dismissed.

A little bit of free time…

Such a tired baby. But she was so SO good. 🙂

Ada and Lael went tubing!! This was Lael’s first time and Ada was more than excited to go too.

Lucy kept loosing her sandal this weekend.

Reading stories was a huge part of Bluewater this year…dressed as a princess, naturally.

Listening to music with Uncle Caleb.

Waiting in line for supper on Saturday night.

Two princess cousins. 
What’s going on up there? 
Are we ready to eat yet???
Princess Grandpa.
Princess Grandpa Pete and Princess Ada. 
Eating the raindrops and making friends in line.

Anddddd still waiting.

But don’t worry. We did get to eat. 


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