ETW: Algeria Completed!

Algeria was delicious. 
Most definitely delicious. 
Make again and hoard the leftovers good. 

The Kefta was delicious. We scooped up the meatballs and sauce with French bread using our hands, sans utensils. (Ada thought that was the best thing about the meal.)

Dylan liked the Algerian green beans the best. It took me a while to come along but they got me in the end. The clove oil and the toasted almonds won me over and they are interesting addictive.

 The mango papaya salad was easily Ada’s favorite part of the meal; mostly because of the whipped cream. But it was good, yummy, delicious, light fruit in a bowl with sweet cream. Who wouldn’t love that?

All-in-all the consensus is two thumbs up. A Monday make-again meal regardless of its “exotic” origins.

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