ETW: Afghanistan Completed!

Our adventure finally kicked off on Sunday evening with the dining company of Ben and Charlie (brave, brave souls who delved into the unknown cuisine of Afghanistan, er, rather should I say the unknown Afghani cooking capabilities of moi?).

This was what we sat down to:

Front to back: Sliced cucumbers, Sourdough bread (because I wussed out at the last minute and didn’t get the Noni done…which I’m sure would’ve been my favorite part of the meal), Seer Moss, Burani Bonjon, Sabese Borani, Kabeli Palau, Khatai Cookies

Dylan and I both really liked the Burani Bonjon and the Seer Moss was okay, but I certainly could have done without too. I think it would be super tasty over basmati rice as a vegetarian meal and Dylan thought it would be good pureed (a la hummus or baba ghanoush) with pita chips. Either way, we’ll definitely be revisiting this recipe in the (possibly quite near) future.

The Kabeli Palau was good, although we reheated leftovers the next day and they were even better. I think the flavors all had a chance to mellow out and deepen the chicken and rice. Nellie even got in on the rice action and couldn’t get enough.

I think it was pretty unanimous however that the Sabese Borani, although intriguing for onion-lovers such as ourselves was not so exciting. It was a yogurt-y spinach dip to which my very untrained palate continues to favor the mayonnaise-sour cream-water chestnut-laden one that is our family favorite.

And the cookies were definitely interesting. Different…in the way that you had to try at least two in order to make a final decision of liking or disliking.

And, as you can see from the horrendous lack, I was TERRIBLE about taking pictures of our meal post-feast. Next time I promise to be better. Maybe. Probably. Okay, I promise to try and be better.

Needless to say, the night’s dinner was a good kick-off to this epic adventure we are undertaking. We rounded out the night with coffee and long, catch-up talk (well, in between the antics of a certain overly-tired-overly-excited-hyper-bouncing-dancing-jumping three year old).

Next up: Albania

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