Eat the World 1: Afghanistan

A final menu has been chosen and next Saturday we are set to begin our “Eat the World” adventure!

Week #1
Afghanistan Menu

Sabse Borani (Spinach Yogurt Dip)
Noni Afghani (Afghan Flatbread/Naan)

Main Meal:
Noni Afghani (Afghan Flatbread/Naan)
Kabeli Palau (Basmati Rice with Chicken & Carrots)
Burani Bonjon (Spicy Braised Eggplant)
Seer Moss (Garlic Yogurt Sauce)

Khatai Cookies

Stay tuned for more pictures, info and recipes!!

3 thoughts on “Eat the World 1: Afghanistan

  1. Just did a little blog-stalking catching up on your family. 🙂 SO intrigued by this project! We might have to follow you a few weeks behind once you post recipes! Have you heard of "Operation World" (and "Window on the WOrld")? They're guides about the whole world – profiling each country – the demographic, spiritual movements there, etc. Might be a fun addition – we go through "Window on the World" with Hadley praying for the people of those countries and missionaries there. Anyway. Hi. 🙂

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