Daddy’s Picnic Suprise

I came home from work the other day and Dylan had packed the girls and I a picnic dinner. So we took off for University Park and ate our yummy foods near the beautiful gardens. 

 Nellie got to sample some avocado and peach flavored Gerber’s puffs and she topped it off with a bottle of formula.

My poor baby girl and her runny nose. We think it’s because she’s cutting teeth.

 Moses’ face kills me in this one. It’s like he knows something’s coming.

 Something like Ada!

 Notice how Ada treats Moses the same as Nellie.

 The girls and me.

 Trying to get a nice picture is much, much harder than you’d expect. Or maybe you would.

 I certainly should by now.

 Ada finished supper and then decided that running up and down the hills by the flower gardens was a grand idea.

 Nellie just sat and chilled out with Dylan and I as we cleaned up our supper mess.

 Watching her sister.
 She’s almost 8 months! Can you believe that!?

1 thought on “Daddy’s Picnic Suprise

  1. I love you, too Dylan! I'm on the verge of tears. I know I say it ALL the time, but it's true. I love you guys. And No. I can't believe Nell Bell is 8 months. I remember when Monster was 8 months. Wasn't that last week? Both the girls are so very lovely. And seeing Nellie sitting there so cute and big, wiggling her little feetsies, just makes me love her and miss her so much more. Is it October yet?

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