Pasta Night!

Dylan bought me a pasta maker for Christmas many, many, many moons ago (i.e. I’m pretty sure it’s made every move we’ve ever made as a married couple together and of those I’ve almost lost count). We finally decided to take it out and try our hand at it as I have fond memories of making raviolis in World Foods class from highschool (thanks Mrs. Enderson!). 
Ada was thrilled (needless to say) and loved rolling the dough and adding flour (until her’s was unmanageable…like little pieces of dried up play dough bits).
This is what Ada thought of dinner: 

 And being the classy family that we are, we ate dinner on the cold, tile floor.
Hey…don’t judge, you gotta beat the heat somehow.

Ada demanded that we take pictures of her and Nellie together. 

 As you can see…she was super cooperative. As always.

 This is probably the best shot that we got. I love Nellie’s two chins in this one! 😀
And then of course Ada had to have a picture taken with Moses. Poor dog. Look at how unsure he is of this situation.

 What a wise dog we have…

 Daddy and Ada…I wish this wasn’t blurry!

 Dylan made a yummy wine-shrimp-garlicky-basil-butter sauce to go over our fettuccine noodles….DELISH!!

 And raspberries, one of Ada’s favorite…


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