Day Thirteen: Something You’re Looking Forward To

Things I’m Looking Forward To 
(Not necessarily in chronological order and certainly not a definitive list)

1. Warmer weather…that stays. No more of this rain/sleet/snowing-in-May nonsense. I’m done with that. Hear me old man Winter? OVER it.
2. Watching my little brother graduate this May.
3a. Being a bridesmaid in one of my best friend’s wedding this upcoming October in the sunny state of CA. 
3b. Seeing Ada walk down the aisle as the flower girl in her godmother’s (aforementioned friend) wedding. 
4. Hearing Nellie say “Mama” and “I love you” for the first time. 
5. Dylan graduating from college–it will be the beginning and end of many years. (I love you honey. ;D)
6. Possibly organizing/attending a CBCE ’05 reunion in the cities. 
7a. Ada’s next Mayo appointment. Everything has been going smoothly for her and her management plan, so we’re going to attempt lowering her Advair/Albuterol dosages, with the blessing of her doctor of course. 
7b. Nellie’s next Mayo appointment. Her eye is fully open and usable. And, I may be a bit partial, but that girl has got some of the most beautiful, expressive, chocolatey browns I’ve ever seen. 
8. Becoming a grandparent.
9. Traveling out of the country again, whenever and where ever that may be. 
10. Learning how to play guitar. (Someday, eventually, hopefully.)
11. Finally transporting my piano to our home from my parents’ house…two years after buying our house. 
12. Attending Bluewater Bible Camp again this summer with the family. 
13. Finishing my college education. 
14. Eating pork chops this week. 
15a. Picking up our CSA share from Red Goose Gardens and enjoying all it’s deliciousness. 
15b. Walking/riding bikes over to the GF Farmers’ Market and buying flowers, food and listening to fun performers. 
16. Seeing Kelly when she comes to visit in October. 
17. Trying some more new recipes from my latest favorite recipe hoarding site.
18. Taking Ada tubing for the first time behind the boat this summer. 
19. Finishing up breastfeeding. Yes, I know it’s something wonderful and selfless. Yes, I know it’s good for my baby. Yes, I do enjoy it and, to some degree, feel proud of myself for doing it. And yes, I do enjoy the bond that it gives Nellie and I. But any if not most nursing mothers will tell you that there is something glorious in having your body back to yourself after such a long, long time. 
20. Seeing my cousin get married at the end of this month and enjoying the celebration with family.

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