Ada’s First Haircut

Ada hamming it up before her haircut. 
Ada showing off the front of her hair before her haircut:
Ada’s new hairstyle from the front…the bangs, believe it or not, have been a godsend. No more screaming Ada bothered by hair in her eyes. 
The back of Ada’s hair before:
The back of Ada’s hair afterwards. I had them trim up the ends and put a few long layers throughout. It has helped enormously with the morning chore of brushing. Now that it’s cut and in distinct lengths/layers, it doesn’t knot itself together into some sort of nightmarish cat’s cradle fiasco. And that aside, now you can really see the natural waves and body her hair has when before the one length pulled them down and out. 
I like the results and Ada does too. She was so proud to show off her new ‘do to everyone we talked to. And I have to say that I am extremely proud of how she handled her first haircut. She was a little timid at first but did great! 

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