Day Twelve: Your Dream Vacation

I know it’s hard to see from this map…but…my dream vacation would be a year of backpack traveling across the world with Dylan and the girls with unlimited funds (hey, you said dream didn’t you?).

We would start by visiting a few lovely Canadians in Alberta and then we’d migrate north to a few states (such as California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, New York) before heading into South America. We’d stay there for a couple of months before moving onto Europe and then Africa–although through certain parts of Africa, I think we’d probably send the girls to stay with their grandparents. Then we’d swing up through the Middle East and into Eastern Europe and into Asia where eventually we’d land in Australia and hop over to New Zealand.

And then we’d come back from all of our travels to continue living our lives.

Okay, so maybe that’s not very realistic.

I guess I would like to take a couple weeks anywhere with my husband on an extremely over-due honeymoon. Where? I’ve got no clue…New Zealand would be fun but so would South America or Southeastern Asia…wait, I think I’ve wandered into the unrealistic again…


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