Another Mayo Baby

Here we go again.
My other, sweet, sweet, squish is going to Mayo to see a pediatric optometrist.
Nellie was born with a stork bite covering her right eye but as she got older (read, a month or so) it began to swell and the veins deepened in color. I took her see a nurse practitioner in town and she called in our primary pediatrician to look at it when she grew concerned about its growth. Dr. Lunn came in and took one look at Nellie’s eye and told me that he was referring her to Mayo Clinic to a specialist to treat the hemangioma on her eye as it’s continued swelling had him concerned about the function and eventual use she would have if not corrected promptly.
So here we go–we’ll be leaving this Friday to drop Ada off at my parents for the weekend and then head the rest of the way with just Nellie. We’ll be staying with friends for the weekend and then staying at the Kahler Inn and Suites for the duration of the Mayo visit. I talked to the clinic today and although they haven’t ordered an MRI just yet, it’s quite possible they will after Dr. Mohney assesses her. Nellie had blood work done at Altru in preparation for this visit to see if her hemangioma has affected her blood’s ability to clot and the results came back today as normal–thank you God.
I guess the treatment of such a thing is pretty routine/common, but because it is a specialty (optometry), we’re being sent to Mayo. Apparently after it’s treated (it’ll most likely be a sort of steroid shot) it won’t be visible anymore, just the stork bite that’s on her eyebrow/above her eyelid will still be there. With that said, she is getting a needle in her eyelid, so we would appreciate all the prayers you’re willing to send forth. It never gets any easier.

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