Michelle & Ainsley’s Shower

I’m headed home this weekend to attend my lovely friend Michelle’s baby shower for her lovely little daughter, Ainsley Marie. I am SO excited to meet this new little girl and to introduce our two to each other. đŸ˜€

This will be Nellie’s first trip to Fergus and her first substantial car ride, so hopefully all will go well. I don’t forsee any issues as she’s such a sleeper, but who knows. The car is like the twilight zone for kids.
Ada will be staying back with Dylan for the weekend, I think they both are due for some much-needed Daddy-Daughter-Time. Hopefully the weather will be nice and they’ll be able to go sledding and traipse around the Turtle River together. Either way, I know they’re going to have a great time.
I’m looking forward to getting out of the house. I love spending time at home with Nellie, it’s going to pass all too quickly, but I’m starting to feel antsy and I think this will be the perfect remedy.
I have yet to usher both girls out together by myself, I guess that’s something that I can build some courage towards this weekend.

3 thoughts on “Michelle & Ainsley’s Shower

  1. 3 things:1: You need to add Nellie's name to the top of your blog.2: Taking 2 kids out isn't so bad, most of the time. with the exception that you have snow, and a newborn. Whereas the worst I have is rain, a 5 year old who walks slower than a turtle, and a wiggly 10 month old. You might trump me.3: I was channeling my inner Katie. That's how I got so mushy đŸ™‚

  2. Hey, it's Ainsley's first trip to Fergus and first substantial car ride too! Even though she usually sleeps good in the car, sometimes not so much, so I'm hoping to time it with her afternoon nap. And now that I don't need to make 2 or more bathroom stops, maybe we can make it home before she wakes up and needs to eat! So excited!!!!

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