Nellie’s Birth Day!

Time has gotten away from me again.
My beautiful, little Nellie So will be two weeks old tomorrow and I can’t believe that. She’s been such a blessing to us and now that she’s here, I can’t imagine our lives without her. Funny how that works.
This birth was so different from the last–so much less complicated and scary. So much easier.
My parents arrived Monday afternoon and settled in–they stayed the week to help us take care of Ada and take care of the everyday house things to which we are immensely grateful! I don’t think I could’ve managed the first day home by myself!! (No, Dylan didn’t abandon me, he had school.)
We checked into Labor & Delivery at 5:30 am and they did some paperwork/went over the process of an elective c-section with us and then we waited. And waited. And waited. And waited some more until 7:15 am when my surgery was scheduled. They roused me from the bed and I went into the OR where they administered a spinal block and other such preparations. Dylan joined me shortly thereafter (husbands aren’t allowed in the room during the prep as they are worried about fainters).
The atmosphere was so different this time–I cannot stress that enough. With Ada, everyone was rushing, it was so fast, it was so unknown, I was so scared and the doctors chatted about lunch as they sewed me up. This time I small talk with my anesthesiologists, my nurses and the doctors included me in on their discussion during the aftermath of the birth. It was lighter, calmer, friendlier and much less stressful.
Nellie So was born on November 30, 2010, at 7:50 am via C-section. She was 7 lb. 15.1 oz. and measured 20 inches long. The minute she was born she let us know who she was and hasn’t stopped grunting, groaning, chirping since.
The following is her picture that they put up following her birth:
After recovery, they moved us into our room. I had my fingers crossed the entire three day stay so that I wouldn’t have to have a roommate. Currently our hospital is remodeling it’s Labor & Delivery ward and seven of the rooms available for recovering mothers were uninhabitable. AND there was a rash of births the first night and day after Nellie was born.
Mommy & Nellie’s first pictures & video:
More pictures from our stay:
And there you have it folks. Nellie’s Birth Day and our hospital stay!

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