I know, I know…

*Hangs head in shame*
I know.
I know.
I know.
It’s been a LONG time coming–but finally, today, you will have some new posts to feast upon! I thought I’d start with a few of the pictures I had of Ada as an only-child before the onslaught of Nellie’s first days photos.
The following pictures and video are of Ada. She likes to dress herself and make up songs and dance. I love this little girl more than my heart could ever convey.
Her new things are coloring and crafting. If you want to bring a smile to her face, a box of crayons or markers or pens or any drawing utensil and a coloring book will make her dance happy circles around you.
Doesn’t she look so serious??
Coloring is a serious business.

A day and a half before Nellie was born, Dylan put up the tree and he and Ada decorated it. She makes sure to remind us everyday to plug in the lights and is even old enough this year to be semi-trusted to be careful with the handling of ornaments.

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