Finally Up to Date!

And finally I am up to date with the blog! Our lives are pretty simple right now…well…as simple as it can be with a toddler, a newborn, a post-pregnant mother and a student during finals week.

Dylan and I spent the morning at Caribou with Nellie. Him studying chemistry and I updating the good ole blog. I even dared to breastfeed Nellie there and things went off without a hitch. Hurray for hooter hiders and multiple layers of clothing to hide any trace of post-pregnancy flesh!
Ada has been attending daycare faithfully throughout this new life change and I think that’s helped her keep some form of normalcy quite a bit. Dylan and I have been trying our best to let her know that we still love her as much and that she cannot be replaced by a baby. She seems to be adapting to her big sister roll with relish. She loves to hold her, sing songs to her, pet her head and “share” her toys…although blankets are still another story. Luckily Nellie doesn’t care which satin or fluffy or cotton blankie she uses…yet.
And Moses as usual could care less. Feed him, pet him and let him sleep in front of the air vents and he’s as happy as a clam.
I’m looking forward to a laid-back Christmas this year. Nellie is going to be Baby Jesus for two of Hope’s Christmas Eve programs–we’ll see how that goes. Then we’ll be spending time with the Dachtlers and Suttons. Christmas day we’ll venture down to Fergus and see my parents and spend Sunday celebrating with the Beithon side. Lots of pictures to come I’m sure. 🙂
Happy holidays everyone!!

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