November Baby?

Baby is getting friskier everyday and I’m having lots and lots of Braxton Hicks contractions. Thinking, maybe, hopefully, we’ll have another holiday baby and on/around my favorite holiday no less!

What’re the chances?
Good, I hope.
We’re trying to get the Buick sold so that we can buy some new tires for the Honda. We received new ones as a Christmas present prior to moving to California but they have certainly seen their fare share of mileage since then. In fact, the maintenance guy at work came into my office today to remind me to get my tires rotated since they “appear to be wearing on the outside” and that I should think about getting new tires before it “gets icy and (you) have another baby.” I think the remainder will go to pay off some more debt before Nellie appears but then again, it may go towards a snowblower. Blizzard Alvin really rocked us last year.
But back to a November baby–that would make me smile. And then Michelle and I could show them off at Perkins come Christmastime!
I’ve got my priorities straight!!

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