Nellie Measures 33 Weeks

So after much debate…I think that I am going to attempt a trial of labor and not schedule a c-section. If anything should change my mind, it would be at our 36 week scan in which we will check to see what position the baby is in and get a weight estimate. If Nellie is larger than her cousin Lael or bigger than what her Daddy was or breech or something of that nature…I think that maybe we’ll talk about our surgical options. Otherwise, I think we’re (hahaha…who’re we kidding? It’s me that goes through labor), I mean, I am going to try and think positive about VBAC. (That’s Vaginal Birth After Cesarean for those of you not up to snuff on baby-making-and-baking terms.)

I’m still on the fence. But not as much.
I wish it was easier to make a decision as big as this, but if there’s anything I learned about planning from Ada’s arrival, it’s that nothing can be planned.
On another note, we did see Dr. Brown today for the first time in ages. We’ve been seeing my nurse practitioner and finally were able to break into my OB’s schedule. Apparently my Nellie belly measures 33 weeks–I am 31 weeks and 4 days today. I guess that’s not too off, but it makes me nervous. With Ada I measured right on every time, all the time. And now that I’m attempting VBAC, I want everything to go as smooth as possible. But again, I guess I’ll just have to let go and trust.
Oh. AND we learned that Dr. Brown will be GONE from December 1-5th!! My due date is December 13th and I was initially scheduled to have my section done on the 3rd. I’m freaking out a little.
I guess on the upside, he is going to be on-call during Thanksgiving this year…so maybe Nellie you should heed my advice and come out as a holiday baby.
Well, after I’ve eaten my turkey and mashed potatoes that is…and don’t tell me. I already know about that whole pooping thing. I will take my chances for a delicious meal.

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