Day Nine: Someone You Wish You Could Meet

Day Nine of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge: Someone I Wish I Could Meet.
That’s a hard one.
Does that include the dead?
Top Five, maybe?
1.) Birth Mother
2.) Birth Father
3.) Mother Teresa
4.) My Dad as a young man
5.) My Mother as a young woman
I think that those would be the most interesting to me anyhow and I suppose not in any specific order either.
1. & 2.) Birth Mother; Birth Father
I feel as though, maybe this doesn’t need explaining? I have a lot of questions that I would like answered. (?) Maybe? I don’t know.
3.) Mother Teresa
I’ve always admired her life. Her life was her work and her work was Christ’s love. Things I strive for and continually am learning to achieve.
4.) My Dad as a young man
I think Dad and I would’ve been friends if we had been the same age–which for obvious reasons cannot happen. Plaid pants, an afro and a bow tie? What’s not to like?
5.) My Mother as a young woman
Depending upon when I would encounter her in her youth, I think she would’ve been an interesting person to know as an individual characterized other than as “Mom” for me. She is certainly an interesting character now… 🙂 (And yes, Mom, I think we would’ve been friends too…)

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