Day Six: Someone that Inspires Me

Day Six: Someone that Inspires Me
Mother Teresa is my standby-look-up-to-emulate-strive-to-be-human-hero. She always has been, she always will be.
“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”
Mother Teresa
How could you not love her? We certainly didn’t always agree on views/politics, but that doesn’t mean she’s someone unworthy of emulating. Obviously Jesus trumps Teresa (I think she would only agree), but I wholeheartedly think He supported and applauded her commitment to life, love and Christianity.
But back to the subject, pick someone that inspires me… I am cheesy enough to say that my daughter inspires me. She is the most beautiful thing I have ever created (with a little help). She is one of the greatest blessings I have ever received and continue to receive. She stokes the passion behind what I do and want to accomplish. She is my precociously haphazard teacher, my exasperation and my joy. Besides the peace that I have found in Christ, besides the godly example I strive after in his perfect life and my amazing husband, she is simply the best that I have experienced.
I want to be better in everything–to be more educated, to be more polished, wise, confidant, in love, communicate freely…all because I want her to have the best opportunities and experiences possible. I want for her everything that I had, didn’t have and want to have. If that’s not an inspiration for life, I don’t know what is.
It’s hard to imagine that Dylan and I will soon be welcoming another little girl as perfect as Ada into the world (we’re T-minus 69 days today). All of our fears, hopes and joys bundled into a perfect, tiny little Nellie and this process will begin again; this process of inspiration and fierce love. I know it will and yet, it’s so hard to imagine that it will be the same, an equal amount to what we feel for Ada. How is that possible? Thank God I don’t need all the answers, just the capacity and willingness to accept God’s gifts in my life.
So thank you Ada for loving me unconditionally and childishly; for inspiring me to continue to try living out Mother Teresa’s legacy and most importantly, to strive for a deeper Christ-like life.

2 thoughts on “Day Six: Someone that Inspires Me

  1. childlike faith… children always seem to inspire… it's not cheesy my love, it's human to adore the childlike wonderment of the world. 🙂

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