Day Four: Siblings

Today’s topic is Siblings.

I have one.
I have two if you count the child my parents’ miscarried prior to me.
I have three more.
Terrah. Logan. Caleb.
I don’t know how many siblings I have.
I was adopted when I was three months old.
That’s a lot of people to mold and shape you throughout your life–for good and bad.
I remember reading the “Birth Order” book when I was in high school–I probably was trying to self-diagnose my teenage self. And I remember taking offense to the “bossy, perfectionist” that was described–funny how it’s the things that ring truest that are the hardest to hear sometimes.
The first born box is certainly true of Ada, so far anyway. We’ll see how Nellie impacts her and her personality. It’s been such an experience watching her grow into her own little self, the laid-back, sleep-all-the-time baby now is a go-getter, still go-with-the-flow for the most part, with a will stronger than an ox and more stubborn than an ass. (I don’t know where she would’ve gotten that from?) I’m excited to see where she will walk in life and what adventures she and Nellie are sure to share.

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