French Fry Feed

Ben, Terrah, Lael and Lucy dropped in unexpectedly the other day and we took the opportunity to attend the annual French Fry Feed at University Park. The girls had fun on all the free blow up jumping/sliding toys.
Just a few pictures before we left–I am so excited that Fall is here! My favorite time of year. 🙂

One thought on “French Fry Feed

  1. French fry feed?! Really?! Nasty. I mean, most of me is totally jealous I missed out, but the rest of me is sickened at how the fatty french fry is glorified. Over here in Cali, we have REAL festivals celebrating vegetables and fruits. You know what those are, right? You remember them from your all too brief jaunt here in Cali. Grape festivals. Artichoke, avocado. We just had a tomato one here in Napa last weekend. French Fry feed indeed. Fatties.

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