Day Two: Your Vices

My vices. Hm….

Well this pregnancy has certainly brought on a sweet tooth like no other…but then again, I’ve always loved sweet. Now I just have (or feel) a better excuse to indulge it more often than not.
Procrastination probably merits high on the list as well. Because um, well, I’ll tell you later.
Rumination and the need for control are probably the biggest, realest and most debilitating vices in my life. Thankfully they rarely ever get to the point of stopping the ongoings of the day to day, but they certainly don’t make it any simpler. I think it’s a personality thing–I’m moody–I’ll admit it and artsy (I’ve been told that these tend to go hand in hand) and a bit impulsive. I’m learning to trim and tame these aspects of my personality. And that’s certainly not to discredit the fact that I view them as gifts (well, maybe not the moodiness). God gave me this personality for a reason and I intend to use it to live a fulfilling and purposeful life.
I’m learning. If anything, that’ll probably be a theme throughout this 30 day challenge. Learning to let go.

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