Day One: Best Friend

Knowing my husband for six years and being married five of them has taught me a lot more than I could ever try and put down in words. But one of the biggest lessons that I continue to learn from him is about friendship. No, I’m not going to make this into an ode about my husband being my best friend (although I dare say there’s truth to that), but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention him when it comes to a topic such as “Best Friends.”

Dylan has incredible history in his friendships–he’s got best friends, genuine, absolute best friends from kindergarten. I know it happens, but surely it’s rare. (?) In my experience, friends are transitional–mostly based on where you are physically, mentally and emotionally in life at that time. Few transition with you throughout the years–I’d say I have very few that have moved seamlessly with me throughout my life. I’m not complaining, I don’t have a lack of friendships, it just seems to me that the more comfortable you are with yourself, the less “best” friends you need. I realized that I really only need a few that get me and the rest of the world can come along for the ride or not. Either way, I still have my nearest and dearest, and God willing, that won’t change for a very long time.
I am blessed to know the people that I know and to have known the ones that I did. I wouldn’t change any of the friendships throughout the years that I have experienced because they’ve helped mold me into who I am today. (Which yes, I realize is quite cliché .)
And with that said, I miss you all!!

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