Ada’s First Day of Daycare


I am so glad that that’s over with.
I was so anxious…and to tell the truth…I’m still a little anxious today on Day #2, but not nearly as much.
Yesterday was my baby’s first day of no-mommy-or-daddy-daycare. I woke her up at 7:15 am and got her dressed, brushed her teeth and hair and we hopped into the car to go over to Sonja’s. After being greeted by LuLu (the yippiest, yipping, yipper dog ever), I signed her in, and we walked downstairs to be greeted by two little brothers, Sonja and her mother (whose name seems to have slipped through my pregnancy fog). Ada went straight into the toy room and began playing while Sonja and I covered some last minute things.
I probably stayed about 20 minutes total and had to call Ada over to give me a kiss and hug goodbye. And then, I left.
It was weird.
Really weird.
But I did it. And I didn’t cry.
I even limited myself to ONE call. I called the house at noon to check in and make sure everything was going well. Sonja told me that after she realized I had left, she had a little episode of crying but got over it pretty well with the help of all her new little friends. They had sloppy joes, potato salad (doubtful she even tried that), bananas and chips with milk for lunch–and she ate like a champ. She assured me Ada was playing and having fun and so, after feeling a little less anxious, I hung up the phone and resolved to wait to hear the rest of her day at pickup…which is FIVE PM.
Luckily for me I am working on grants and so the time passed quicker than it might’ve. Thank God. I rushed over to daycare and gave her the biggest hug when I saw her. Sonja told me that she had another episode, other than the one in the morning, right after she woke up from nap because she was disoriented–which is understandable. And that she played and played and colored like a wonder–Ada showed me the picture of the sun that she colored in with about every color imaginable…except for yellow.
I beamed with pride.
She is wonderful and I am glad that she’s doing so well for being separated for the first time from either her Mommy or Daddy. She’s been with other people before, but never a “stranger” and certainly not for that long without seeing us. That’s 10 hours of no Mommy or Daddy in a new place. And she was brave. So brave. 🙂
This morning when I dropped her off, she ran right downstairs with the brothers from yesterday morning. She turned around and waved goodbye to me…and I felt…bittersweet. My baby isn’t a baby anymore…not really. She’s always been independent and daring, but now…now she just seems so much older.
Who knew there would be so many emotions attached to something as simple as your child’s first day of daycare…

One thought on “Ada’s First Day of Daycare

  1. I'm am SOOO proud of you for only calling once! What a brave and strong mommmy ;)I remember, not all that long ago, watching Ada for you two. She was asleep when I got there, so she woke up to me. She was pretty surprised. You've all come a long way since then. You've given her great life skills that has prepared her for the adventures of outside care. She will be fine. No doubt.

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