Meeting Miss Sonja

Dylan, Ada and I met Sonja for the first time last night.

Sonja is our potential daycare provider–we went over to her house after supper to chat about her daycare and see the place sans toddlers and babies. (We’re saving a “working” visit for sometime later this month–this way we were able to actually converse with each other).

She has a nice big house and a separate area specifically designed for the daycare. She’s got a little kitchen set up too that’s right in the central hub area of the daycare rooms. Ada watched Lilo and Stitch and played with the multiple kitchenettes while the adults talked and seemed to enjoy herself.

Both Dylan and I like her. She seems really nice, caring and involved. She’s got a curriculum for the kids that teaches colors, numbers, animals and all those other preschool-y type things. She’s got a nice big yard with lots of kids toys, slides, climbers, picnic tables and you name it.

The only iffy thing with her is that she doesn’t know if she’ll have room for the baby come February. A couple of her families are trying to have another and as of yet, she hasn’t heard anything, but wants to be loyal to them (which, of course is even more appealing to me). If neither families get pregnant by July then we’d be in the clear for her to take our baby. So–here’s to hoping those families get pregnant–but after July 31st. Otherwise, Dylan and I aren’t completely sure what we’re going to do…

Oh, okay, I lied. There’s two things…unfortunately she’s interviewing another family on Monday, so we won’t hear whether or not she’ll take Ada until the 14th this month. Hopefully she’ll choose us. We really like her.


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